We offer a number of different membership and pricing options depending on what apparatus you want to study and how often you wish to attend. Our all inclusive and highest value membership is:


Do you want to take Pole Classes? Do you want to take Aerial Classes? Do you want to attend unlimited Aerial, Flexibility & Conditioning classes? Become an Aerial Member! Sign a 6-month contract for $158 per month or become a 12-month member for $138 per month, all payments for Aerial Membership are “autopays” directly to your credit card. Benefits of Aerial Membership include:

  • One Pole Class per week (your Pole Membership!)
  • Unlimited Pole Practices
  • One extra pole classes per month ($20 value)
  • 10% discount on speciality workshops
  • Free Member Seminars
  • Unlimited Aerial Classes on Hammock, Hoop & Silks
  • Unlimited Flexibility & Conditioning Classes
  • One “Intro To Aerial” class included ($25 value)
  • $50 for private lessons ($25 savings)
  • Discounted personal training
  • One excused late cancel or no show per month
  • Freeze membership at any time, $15 administration fee per freeze
  • No registration fee!

Other options, if you’re only taking Pole Exercise or Aerial and don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract:


This is the option for women that just want to take Pole Exercise.  Pole Membership is for a single pole term, which is 8 weeks, and you have the option to renew before the next term. Pole Membership costs $180 ($160 if you register during the “early bird” discount period every term or if you are a Beginner Pole student). As a Pole Member you receive:

  • 8 Pole Classes to use in an 8-week term (one per week is ideal)
  • 8 Pole Practices to use in the 8-week term

Do you want to take Pole Classes?
Do you want to take Aerial Classes?
Do you want to attend unlimited Aerial, Flexibility & Conditioning classes?



Want to take a few Aerial, Flexibility & Conditioning Classes every month but save money with a Membership? Fitness Memberships give you a discount on all our drop-in style classes (this does not include Pole Exercise classes). Take a Fitness Membership with a Pole Membership for access to classes but no lengthy contract or a Fitness Membership can be taken as a stand-alone option. All Fitness Memberships are an autopay that you cancel at any time, there is no required contract length. There is a $35 registration fee and you can Freeze your membership should you need to put it on hold.

There are two types of Fitness Memberships:

  • SINGLE CLASS: All of our Aerial, Flexibility & Conditioning classes can be taken as drop-in. A single class is $25.
  • 5 PACK: Purchase a 5-pack to take 5 Aerial, Flexibility & Conditioning drop-in classes over the course of 6 months. The cost is $100 for 5 classes, or $20 per class.
  • INTRO CLASSES: We offer Intro to Aerial and Intro to Pole. Intro classes are one-time, 60-minute classes and cost $25.

What happens if you sign up for a Pole Membership and then want to upgrade to an Aerial Membership?  You can do this at ANY time!  If you decide to upgrade to an Aerial Membership, we’ll credit your account and apply it to your membership payment. We credit any unused 5-packs and classes to your account to cover the cost of future membership fees!

For Fitness Memberships, you can upgrade to an Aerial Membership at anytime before your next autopay. You can also change which Fitness Membership you have before your next payment. There is no fee for changing your type of membership.

Become an Aerial Member!

Schedule a private lesson to work on a specific trick, create a routine, or learn at your own pace. You can request a specific instructor and take a lesson on ANY apparatus. All private lessons are 60-minutes. Contact us for additional information or to schedule.

Pricing options include:

  • $75 – Single one-hour lesson
  • $150 – Three one-hour lessons
  • $25 – Add a friend to any private lesson

Personal train at Aerial Dance! Gain functional strength for the aerial arts and life. Work with our certified trainers to reach your fitness goals using body weight, free weights, resistance bands and the latest in exercise physiology. Contact us for additional information or to schedule.

General public:

  • $42 – Single session
  • $160 – Four sessions ($40)
  • $296 – Eight sessions ($37)

Aerial Member pricing:

  • $40 – Single session
  • $148 – Four sessions ($37)
  • $280 – Eight sessions ($35)